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Coaches Corner

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Division Coordinator Typical Whitlock Field(s) Typical Hunter Field(s)
6U Justus Combs 1 Green
8U Jaime Long 1 & 2 Green
10U Tiffini Brenner 2 Green & Blue
12U Matt Garcia 3 Blue
18U Jamie Smith 4 Blue
Field Schedule Coordinator Jamie Burge

Please Consider Your Team and Families before Powering Through!

Below are the guidelines from the county concerning the COVID-19. virus. We need to err on the side of caution. It's best to have a player (or coach) miss a practice/ game instead of the entire team. Please relay this message to coaches.  A good rule of thumb: if you wouldn't go to school, don't come to a team event.

If in doubt, sit it out!


Each coach will be able to select two schedule slots for use throughout the pre-season time period.  Each slot will be for 90 minutes.  Once the game schedule begins for the season, all pre-season practice slots are cancelled.

Additional practice slots may be requested for no more than 7 days in advance by contacting the Scheduling Coordinator.  Contact details will be provided to coaches in the Age Group Coordinator GroupMe.


-The home team for the FIRST game of the day is responsible for turning on the lights and scoreboards. They also should get the scorebrains out of the concession stand or the wooden box in the scorer's stand.

-The home team for the LAST game of the day or night is responsible for turning off the lights and putting the scorebrains back in their places.

-The HOME Team for each game is responsible for reporting their game scores to the Website Administration / Group Me. The scores and standings will be posted on this website. 


Background forms must be completed by all adults who will be on the field or in the dugout with the players (Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Dugout Parent, etc.).

***The below form must be signed in front of a notary***


Each coach is required to complete the online training for concussion awareness.
click on the link below 

Concussion Training

Click the link and launch the course.